Sunday Funday Pint Glass Set of 2

Sunday Funday Pint Glass Set of 2

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A friendly reminder that Sunday Funday is a real thing! these 16-ounce pint glasses are perfect for whatever your drink of choice may be, on whatever day you choose to drink it!

A little about the brand:

"Founded on the principles that we are the wisest & wealthiest people our children will come to know. Rich Dad Society is just that. "Rich" in character, spirit, knowledge, etc. A brand that embraces fatherhood, fashion, and everything in between. We can take pride in parenthood without owning the stereotypical "dad look". Since becoming a young dad, I thought it was important to have something to share with my children. Rich Dad Society was created because I knew I wasn't alone in that way of thinking". -Miles H., founder of Rich Dad Society

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