"Aged To Perfection" Whiskey Glass Set of 2

"Aged To Perfection" Whiskey Glass Set of 2

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You don’t have to have a 25-year-old Scotch to enjoy yourself. No matter the age of the drink, or the age of the drinker (Over 21) your selection is “Aged To Perfection”!

Add our 10.5 Ounce glasses to your collection!

A little about the brand:

"Founded on the principles that we are the wisest & wealthiest people our children will come to know. Rich Dad Society is just that. "Rich" in character, spirit, knowledge, etc. A brand that embraces fatherhood, fashion, and everything in between. We can take pride in parenthood without owning the stereotypical "dad look". Since becoming a young dad, I thought it was important to have something to share with my children. Rich Dad Society was created because I knew I wasn't alone in that way of thinking". -Miles H., founder of Rich Dad Society

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